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Sit. Sip. Play.


Why We're Here

In 2020, My wife and I got a new puppy. Since I was working from home we thought we'd have plenty of time to exercise and train him. Boy, were we wrong! What really happened was we began visiting local dog parks 3-4 times a week. 

If we missed a day, he became stressed and destructive. So rain or shine we went to the park. 

Soon we became friends with the other people performing their daily ritual of going to the dog park.

But these parks aren't designed for us. Limited seating exposed to the elements and nothing to do but scroll on our phones until our dogs are tuckered out.

So we wanted to create a new space. Somewhere that had humans in mind, as much as their dogs. A place to make new friends, in a comfortable environment, that encourages people to be more active with their dog.

What we came up with was Tails and Ales. A one stop shop for pet owners. Where you can exercise you dog, pick up any necessities for them you need, grab a beer and when you're done, bathe your dog and head home.


Tails and Ales is more than just a dog park.

Its a community. 

A place for dog lovers and their pals to get together and create relationships and memories you wouldn't find anywhere else.

We hope you'll join us!

Tails and Ales

It's more than just room to roam.

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